Camper accommodations (pics on the left) 


     All campers will be supervised by our female coaches at all times, who will stay in the same hotel. Rooms are based on double occupancy and have wi-fi connection. Three meals a day are provided, along with snacks and water/juice. 


     Our hotel „Dr Simo Milosevic“ JSC Igalo, is part of one of the largest and the most famous institutions for multidisciplinary spa treatment facilities on the Balkan. It is a pioneer of the modern physical and preventive medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness, and became one of the leading international centers for rehabilitation of children, adults and seniors.

Beside the prevention program and health rehabilitation, Institute Igalo also offers wellness and recreational programs, which basically relay on the modern medical principals. These programs are devoted to the promotion og the healthy way of living, correction of the bad living habits, or simply enjoying the benefits of aroma therapies, massages and face, body and soul pampering treatments. We will have a physician available 24/7 along with a physical therapist. 

Parent Accommodations (pics on the right) 

     Parents are encouraged to stay at a Palm on Bay hotel that has prearranged (group) pricing. This 4 star hotel  which is located just down the street from the one that the campers are staying at offers all inclusive services along with private beach access. July is the hight of the season in Montenegro and tends to be pretty busy so we would encourage you to book early. You are not required to go nor stay at this hotel. It is just a suggestion, there is a number of accommodations around the area including VRBO and AIRBNB. The players will be chaperoned at all times and will have to adhere to a code of conduct.