International College Volleyball Experience  

This experience focuses on Colleges and Universities by offering an a la carte service  based on Coach's preferences and goals for the team. Be it recruiting, scrimmaging junior national teams or local professional teams, we strive to offer an unforgettable experience in an amazing region famous for its volleyball history and geographical beauty. Our local guides can assist with Practices, Scrimmages, Team Building Events, Historical Site visits, visits to Natural Wonders etc. Coaches please contact us below for more info. 

All of our College tours combine competitive volleyball with sightseeing, exceptional cultural activities and travel to beautiful and often unexplored cities.

You choose the length of the tour, the dates, the cities or countries that you’d like to visit, as well as the level and amount of gym time you want your team to experience.   We handle all the transportation, lodging and meals at a price level that is right for your organization.  We offer the lowest prices possible for a tour that is specifically designed to fit your teams needs. And most importantly, we can cater to almost any playing level or budget. So whether your team is in the running for the Final Four and aiming for olympic level competition, or on a shoe-string budget seeking a service based volleyball trip, we’ve got the perfect tour to suit your needs.

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